It has been a busy and exciting time for Business Excellence Solutions as we continue to expand our client list and our services resume. Providing a wide variety of services to our diverse client-base is one of the most rewarding aspects or our work.
In the last year we have worked with awesome clients involving an amazing range of activities.  Some highlights of some of the projects we have worked on recently include:
o   Helping a large professional organization design and implement a new organizational ombudsman program to serve its members and their customers.
o   Working with a business incubator on staff and organizational development initiatives, and guiding its board of directors through a strategic planning initiative.  This initiative resulted in exciting new directions for the organization with new branding, marketing, and funding initiatives.
o   Working closely with the United States Department of Interior to provide staff mentoring, organizational development, mediation, and executive coaching.
o   Working with Los Alamos National Laboratory to design and implement an Administrative University, designed especially to meet the needs of the administrative staff working in highly stressful classified environments.
o   Conducting many mediations involving complex lawsuits, or grievance or EEO charges for federal agencies, landholders, and large commercial organizations. In addition, conducting 22 mediations as a public service, at a highly discounted rate, for cases pending in the New Mexico court system.
o   Facilitating community dialogue sessions between stakeholders and interested parties interested in issues relating to the design and construction of the new Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement Facility, located at Los Alamos National Laboratory.
o   Working with an internationally recognized, elite scientific research laboratory, to optimize cooperation and coordination in its key business systems. In this project, we performed a comprehensive organizational assessment and thorough root-cause analysis. Working closely with the executive management and the staff involved within the systems we helped them address individual performance and trust issues. We then facilitated a collaborative process in which the executives and staff created a virtual team, transcending the formal line management structure and enabling seamless cooperation distributed and centralized functions.  Morale and productivity increased measurably.
o   Providing customized professional development and leadership training for a large number of diverse organizations. Our training programs have included programs in:
o   Advanced communication
o   Building sub-conscious rapport
o   Time management
o   Stress management
o   Business writing skills
o   Conflict resolution skills
o   Professionalism
o   Working across interpersonal styles
o   Meyer-Briggs personal styles workshops
o   Individual and collective problem-solving and decision-making
o   Working with differences and diversity
We look forward to exciting new challenges this year and are already at work on a variety of diverse organizational assessment programs, implementing an ombudsman program, and conducting a complex, multi-party mediation to resolve a long-standing lawsuit in northern New Mexico.

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