Summary of Blog Articles for 2013

This year we have worked to strike a healthy balance between providing flawless serviceFacilitation_web - Checklist to our clients while also keeping our blog post current and interesting.  In case you have missed some of our articles this year, here is a listing of the posts that we prepared for you during 2013:

Ten Axioms of Change Management, posted December 8, 2013

 Twelve Tips for Effective Communication:

Tip Eight – Appreciate the Power of Word Choice and Non Verbal Cues, posted November 15, 2013;

Tip Seven, Part 4, Consciously Managing the Sub-conscious, posted October 10, 2013;

Tip Seven, Part 3, Culture and Metaphor, posted October 4, 2013;

Tip Seven, Part 2, Bringing Your Communication Style into Congruence with Others, posted September 20, 2013;

Tip Seven, Part 1, Congruence in Communication, posted July 16, 2013;

Review of the First Six Tips on Effective Communication, posted March 18, 2013;

Tip Six, Study the Underlying Needs of the Other Person, posted March 9, 2013;

Thanks to Dad and All Veterans, posted November 11, 2013;

C3 – Conflict Conscious Communication, posted November 10, 2013;

Failure and Gridlock in Washington – Lessons in Negotiation We Can Learn from Congress and Its Failure; posted October 16, 2013;

Ten Tips for Facilitating Your Own Important Meetings; posted June 12, 2013;

Tips for Working with People in Conflict – Working Through Gaps in a Settlement Negotiation, posted May 14, 2013;

Demonstrating the Cost Benefits of Your ADR Program, posted April 27, 2013;

The Social Implications of Unhappy Lawyers, posted April 10, 2013;

Tips for Working With People in Conflict – Trees, a Mediation Lesson-Learned; posted March 13, 2013.

I’m excited about my upcoming post.  Slated for posting soon are the last three tips in my Tips for Effective Communication series, and a new thread on ombuds skills and issues and yet another new thread on leadership.  I want to thank everyone who has read my posts and especially those who shared their comments!  I encourage readers to post questions relating to conflict, leadership, mediation, ombudsman issues, or any communication challenge.  I will do my best to promptly post answers and suggestions in response.

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Wishing all a great 2014!
— Bruce MacAllister


January 2, 2014

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