activitiesIt seems natural at this time of year to look back at the challenges, results, and accomplishments from last year.  Every year about this time, I post a little update that outlines last year’s activities. So, in keeping with that tradition, here is a summary of last year – challenges, results, and accomplishments.

Last year, 2013, was challenging for the Bizex Team because a major focus of the Business Excellence Solutions business model has been working with large, federal agencies.  Since 2005, we have worked with many large federal agencies and with major federal contractors.  Since then, we have worked with the following major agencies and organizations, among others:

  • United States Center for Countermeasures, a branch of the Department of Defense;
  • National Nuclear Security Administration;
  • Department of Energy;
  • Department of Education;
  • Department of the Interior;
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs;
  • Bureau of Indian Education;
  • Desert Research Institute;
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory; and,
  • Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC).

Our most recent major federal agency work involved providing support to the United States Department of the Interior.  However, with the sequestration and subsequent government shutdown, federal work for us, as a small contractor, essentially dried up.  As a result, it is undeniable that our work volume was impacted last year and, as a small business, we had to hustle to build our portfolio around other types of organizations and businesses.  Fortunately, our business model has always involved an approach that sought a balanced client portfolio that included small and medium private for profit and non-profit organizations.  This year we have aggressively focused on rebuilding our portfolio and developing new relationships with small and medium-sized organizations.  Examples of these organizations include the Greater Albuquerque Association of Realtors®, and the International Foundation for Online Responsibility. In addition, we have placed added focus on our training programming and mediation services for the District Courts and for small organizations.

We have made solid progress this year in developing alternatives to reliance on federal contracting and we have been delighted to build new working relationships.   As we move into 2014, we look forward to our continued relationship serving as the Ombuds for the International Foundation for Online Responsibility and providing continuing professional education programming for mediators, realtors, attorneys, and others.

In the coming weeks, we will also be systematically revamping this website to update our services and to include interactive resources for managers and individuals who face professional communication challenges and who are seeking ideas for approaches. We hope that users will find the new website agile and adaptive, and easy to move through to find resources and answers.  I encourage everyone to contact us now, if they have suggestions to consider for the new website design!

Meanwhile, I want to thank all of our clients, blog posts readers, and website visitors for their time and support.  We look forward to a banner 2014 and wish each of you the same!

 Bruce MacAllister

January 3, 2014

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