whats-new-image-large-290x155My apologies to my blog readers for the delay in additional posts on effective communication.  I have been very occupied designing and implementing a new University Ombudsman Program for the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon.  This is now the fifth ombuds program that I will have been involved with designing and implementing.

A full-featured organizational ombuds program is completely new to the University of Oregon, and to launch such a program for over 30,000 potential beneficiaries of program services (students, staff, and faculty), involves extensive program design and documentation.  So far this work has included, among other things:

  • Drafting a new draft program charter;
  • Coordinating with public affairs and design staff on program materials and official announcements;
  • Designing a completely new website with program information and frequently asked questions (FAQs);
  • Drafting and designing temporary and permanent outreach materials such as visitor brochures;
  • Developing a temporary visitor tracking system and benchmarking and designing a permanent system;
  • Engaging in extensive outreach to effectively embed the program into the University context.

thAs a result, my ability to focus on my consulting business blog has been temporarily diminished.  However, I will resume our discussion on tactics and move forward into the next communication topics very soon! We have several more posts scheduled in our series on effective communication, and will also soon post additional information on ombuds programming and implementation tips.

We also have a series of articles in the works on the brain science of communication and my partner organization, the Center for Resolution Advocacy, will be hosting a new colloquium on brain science and mediation.

Meanwhile, I am excited to help the University of Oregon implement a world-class ombuds program  to complement its world-class academic programming and am blessed to have the opportunity to work on one of the most beautiful and diverse college campuses in the world.


June 2014

Copyright, Bruce J. MacAllister,  June 2014, all rights reserved

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