2019 was an active year for the team at BES.  We continued our work with existing, excellent clients, such as the International Foundation for Online Responsibility and provided consulting support and ombuds services to several new, large clients, including a major west coast city college, a large, statewide, public university system, and program reviews for several major corporations, and providing international support to new ombuds programs in emerging central European settings.

Members of the BES team also excelled individually!  One team member launched a major new coaching service, one provided outstanding international support to the European Union, another helped design and implement new statewide programs for REALTOR® Ombuds Programs.

As BES Executive Director, MacAllister continued to provide ombuds services for the International Foundation for Online Responsibility. The IFFOR-Ombuds Team support was recognized by ICANN as providing the benchmark in program review and compliance reporting within the online community. MacAllister continues to serve on the International Ombudsman Board of Directors, and led a number of exciting initiatives for the IOA.

2020 already appears to offer expanding possibilities for new and challenging work.  Upcoming initiatives include:

  • preparing a comprehensive review of lessons-learned as a result of eight-years of operating a one-of-a-kind global ombuds program that works to ensure that abuses within the on-line community are confronted and eliminated.
  • Providing on-going distance-based support for a major University ombuds program.
  • Providing state-of-the-art training programming to new and continuing ombuds in the real estate industry. And,
  • Working with court systems to implement interactive multi-lingual information and Q&A systems.

As a team, we look forward to a year of fresh opportunities and challenges and are excited to provide top-notch training, consulting, coaching, system design, and conflict resolution services nationally and globally!

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