Today’s world creates challenges for fulfilling the basic human need forconnection. As one response to these challenging and unpredictable times, we have spontaneously formed a collaboration to develop ideas for coping with the current pandemic and the personal and professional disruption that it has caused. As a part of this initiative, we have developed a template to share steps designed to enhance your personal and professional well-being and will be posting ideas for things you can do to stay connected.

What you see in the graphics, below, are the first in a series of posts with ideas to manage the challenges that we each face in today’s disrupted world. We offer a daily set of modest, incremental suggestions to help meet that challenge and provide simple activities for each weekday to consider on both a personal and professional level. As suggestions, you should feel free to adapt or modify them to fit your style and your individual needs. They not intended to be rigid, but can provide ideas that each of you can consider and, if useful, adapt to your situation. The goal is to provide a basis for you to develop your own approach—something that works for you.

We hope that you find these simple suggestions helpful, if only to prompt your own activities to remain personally and professionally balanced, challenged, and engaged. If this approach is well-received, we hope to periodically add ideas building on the concept of self-care and professional development, focusing on tips to build on spiritual, intellectual, social, and emotional well-being.

Stay safe and well!

Bruce MacAllister and Diana Mosonyi

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