Because we do work in a variety of areas, there are a number of articles and additional information that we will be posting from time to time. Be sure to also check our blog, as we will be posting updates and additional suggestions and novel approaches to workplace issues on the blog.  We have recently added more articles to the drop down list and will be adding publications as they are produced.  Please check back frequently for new materials as we continue to enhance the content of our website and provide our clients and readers with more tools and information!

Our expanding library of articles currently includes:

  • Ombuds Program Considerations for State and Local REALTOR® Associations
  • Closing Gaps to Avoid Impasse
  • Trees: A Lesson in Working with People in Conflict
  • The Five C’s of Leadership
  • Twelve Tips for Effective Communication
  • Leadership in Context
  • Ideas that Work; Tips for Effective Ombudsman Practice
  • Phone Communication
  • Practical Tips for Ombudsmen
  • Ombudsman Models; The Different Types of Ombudsman Functions

Use the drop-down list to select an article to read. All articles are in PDF format.