Customized Training Programs

BooksWe offer a wide variety of exciting, interesting, and highly interactive customized training programs.  Our training programs are always highly customized to the needs of our client organizations and are all designed to the highest standards in adult continuing education.  Examples of our programs include:

  • Basic and advanced mediation
  • Workplace conflict response for leaders and managers
  • Sexual harassment awareness and prevention
  • Investigating workplace misconduct
  • Basic and advanced negotiation skills
  • Fundamentals for effective rapport and communication skills
  • Advanced skills in communication, facilitation, and rapport-building for teams
  • Organizational Ombudsman skills training
  • Advanced Skills for Ombudsmen and professionals in conflict resolution

Other specialized training includes:

Advanced Conflict Resolution Skills for leaders. We teach individuals within all levels of the organization to become comfortable with conflict so that disputes can be discussed in a productive manner and so that creative resolutions to difficult problems can be achieved.

Harassment and sexual harassment workshops.  Whether there is an undercurrent of harassment leading to poor productivity, an identified problem requiring immediate attention or training required to comply with legal or policy requirements, our team can deliver informative, engaging training sessions. Our sessions are designed to cover all policy and legal requirements and discuss how all members of the organization can contribute to a positive, productive, harassment-free workplace.

Board and executive training. In an era of increased board accountability, legal and conflict management training for board members is an essential component of responsible service. Our team will ensure board members receive up-to-date information on legal responsibilities with emphasis on special sector requirements for your industry. Our succinct training is designed for the diligent, active executive and board team of your organization.

Please contact us for additional information about our training programs and how we can design an exciting and interactive program for your organization!