Our services include:

Implement custom-designed organizational ombuds programs
  • Organizational ombudsman services to provide neutral, independent and confidential assistance in your workplace to identify concerns and to constructively resolve them or to help your organization design and implement its own internal ombudsman program. More
  • Organizational Assessment and Optimization services, in which we work with you and the organization and conduct a thorough review to identify deep-rooted barriers to productivity such as role issues, communication problems, and leadership style factors that may affect overall productivity. We do not impose solutions from the outside, but work with the organization to collaboratively develop solutions that fit the very specific workplace culture and goals. More
  • Customized Training Programs focusing on communication, conflict resolution, and leadership skills that are highly interactive and fun but also accomplish the very serious job of developing your workforce to become better leaders who are more conflict and communication savvy and better negotiators. More
  • Lasting and effective conflict resolution and customized conflict management systems designwhere we conduct a customized review of the conflict to determine its sources. This approach allows us to determine the sources and causes that are leading people into conflict. Based on the results of our assessment, we implement a customized conflict intervention approach specifically designed to address the conflict at its sources and to assist your organization to meet its goals and increase effectiveness. Approaches include organizational adjustments, group or individual mediations, eliminating role confusion, and enabling people to become more proficient at communication. We can also work with your organization to design highly effective in-house conflict resolution policies and systems. More
  • Program and policy review and systems design, where our highly experienced team of legal and policy experts can examine existing organizational systems, processes and policies and procedures, and identify gaps and potential issues. We will provide you with recommendations to enhance your policies, systems, and processes to enable your organization to function more effectively and efficiently, while enhancing your organization’s overall risk management. More
  • Meeting and tactical and strategic business planning and change management facilitation where we work with your organization to clearly understand your goals and desired outcomes and custom-design a program, retreat, or meeting approach that will enable you to efficiently reach your goals with excellent results. We work closely with your organization to identify its goals, working environment, potential barriers and help you develop a very practical and readily implementable plan, using our “Pro Action” planning approach and facilitation tools. More
  • Executive, Individual, and Group Coaching and Development, where we provide training, coaching, and planning assistance to individual managers and business people, non-profit groups, professionals, and academic governing and executive boards, to help individuals and board members develop strong communication skills, and develop collective focus and vision for their organizations. We also work with individuals  and provide Individual coaching services, where our skilled consultants work with individuals seeking to enhance their careers, change problematic professional behaviors or lifestyle patterns, through a safe and completely confidential process.
  • On-line conflict resolution, policy review, compliance audits, and gTLD support, through our exclusive support of the International Foundation for On-line Responsibility [IFFOR], we provide Internet-based organizations with ombudsman support,  and support for conflict resolution systems design and compliance reviews.
  • Specialized, high-tech and intellectual property conflict resolution services, though which our highly experienced team helps you address the challenges of working in the high-tech, R & D environment.as a safe sounding board.