Business Excellence and Organizational Transformation

Business Excellence Solutions offers a wide array of tools to help your organization meet its goals and eliminate barriers to top performance. In addition to our excellent customized training programs, we help organizations reach maximum performance with customized organizational support in these areas:

Ombuds Program Design and Implementation

GAAR-2Providing support for design and implementation of new ombuds programs is a premier service provided by Business Excellence Solutions.  We help organizations design and implement their new ombuds programs and can help assure that the programs are designed to be fully functioning programs within minimal timeframes. We provide assistance with:

  • Customized program design;
  • Implementation design and scheduling;
  • Program characteristics materials;
  • Charter design;
  • Brochure and user information design;
  • Website assistance;
  • Case tracking systems;
  • Program Outreach; and,
  • Comprehensive, highly interactive training for new ombuds.

Every member of the team has actual hands-on experience as an ombudsperson.

  • Bruce MacAllister has designed and worked with organizations to implement new ombuds programs in a wide range of settings, including programs within the corporate world of high-tech R&D, higher education, and the non-profit community.  He is responsible for designing and implementing programs for Los Alamos National Laboratory — then operated by the University of California, the University of Oregon, the Greater Albuquerque Association of REALTORS®,and the International Foundation for Online Responsibility.  He has over 20 years’ experience as an ombudsperson and is frequently called upon to assist organizations in  ombuds program design, implementation, and administration.  He is a former Vice President for the International Ombudsman Association [IOA], a current IOA board member, and an active member of the ombuds professional community.  He is a former member of the Board of Directors for IOA’s predecessor organization, TOA: The Ombudsman Association. Business Excellence Solutions currently staffs the Ombuds role for the International Foundation for Online Responsibility; an international watchdog organization that works to minimize internet abuses. Bruce serves as the principal ombuds for that program.
  • Camilla S. Lopez served as the Laboratory Ombudsperson for Los Alamos National Laboratory and has extensive experience designing case tracking systems and data management dashboards for ombuds programs.  She has long and deep experience working internationally with higher education and non-profit organizations  as a consultant, and provides ombuds training and system review services.  She has an outstanding background in system design and review and regularly assists Business Excellence Solutions in implementing new programs, providing ombuds training. She serves as the lead in system review design initiatives.
  • Deborah Davis managed the ombuds program for the Greater Albuquerque Association of REALTOR®. She has extensive experience working with REALTOR® associations in managing and developing their professional standards programs and practices and played a key role in implementing an Ombudsman Program for a residential association designed to respond to concerns related to real estate transactions in a more confidential, timely and effective manner.  This program resulted in a dramatic reduction in complaint resolution time and significantly reduced formal ethics complaint filings within the association.
  • Ramey Miller served as the Assistant Student Ombudsperson for the University for California, at its Santa Barbara campus.  She also served as the office manager for the University’s Student Affairs Office. She has worked as a case manager for the Muskogee Creek Nation.  Ramey is the founder and Life Coach at her company, rundeep. Over the past seventeen years, in addition, she has worked as a Radio Show Host, a Payroll Administrator & Quality Control Analyst, and a Program Assessor. She has diversified experience in life coaching, ombuds work, communication training, community work, and small business management.

The combined experience of our team enables us to work with our clients to provide outstanding results for ombuds program design and implementation projects!