Meeting and Planning Facilitation

Effective meetings and project planning are critical to the success of any organization in today’s challenging business climate. We offer a full range of meeting planning and facilitation services ranging from short-but-important meetings, to multi-day strategic or tactical business planning sessions. We believe that the meeting outcomes are the most critical measure of our effectiveness in providing support. Thus, all of our meeting services are provided based on a package price where all planning and scoping services are included in the per day price of the service.

Conflict resolution services

We offer a broad range of conflict resolution services to prevent, reduce and effectively manage conflict in your organization. We conduct customized organizational assessments that allow us to determine the types of conflicts that occur most frequently, or that are causing substantial harm to the individuals within the organization and to the organization overall. Based on the results of the assessment, we design a customized program to address conflict and assist your organization to meet its goals and increase effectiveness. Options include:

  • Mediation

We teach individuals within all levels of the organization to become comfortable with conflict so that disputes can be discussed in a productive manner and so that creative resolutions to difficult problems can be achieved

  • Facilitation

Our SMART model is designed to encourage thoughtful, creative team work and problem solving to enable your organization to effectively initiate and manage complex business problems and projects. Our team will conduct preliminary discussions to maximize efficiency throughout the project and specifically at key project points.

  • Harassment and sexual harassment workshops

Whether there is an undercurrent of harassment leading to poor productivity, an identified problem requiring immediate attention or training required to comply with legal or policy requirements, our team can deliver informative, engaging training sessions. Our sessions are designed to cover all policy and legal requirements and discuss how all members of the organization can contribute to a positive, productive, harassment-free workplace.

  • Policy development

Chronic conflict often stems from policies that are inappropriate or unsuited to the unique needs of the stakeholders within the organization. We can work in partnership with the diverse groups in your organization to create relevant, practical policies that lead to a more constructive, positive environment for the workforce and customer base. We specialize in creating clear, user-friendly policies that are easily implemented.

  • Conflict management systems design

Look to us as premiere systems experts to guide your organization from chronic, unresolved conflict to orderly, streamlined systems that provide management, employees, and other stakeholders with clear policies and procedures and informal and formal options. Each system is custom designed for your organization with extensive consultation and collaboration with a diverse group of stakeholders. Options for systems include internal and external mediation, arbitration, ombudsman services, internal and external tribunal hearings and rights based options. Communication plans and training can be provided by our experienced team to accompany and increase the effectiveness of your conflict resolution system.

  • Board and executive training

In an era of increased board accountability, legal and conflict management training for board members is an essential component of responsible service. Our team will ensure board members receive up-to-date information on legal responsibilities with emphasis on special sector requirements for your industry. Our succinct training is designed for the diligent, active executive and board team of your organization.

  • Ombudsman services

With extensive experience in high pressure workplaces requiring the utmost in confidentiality, we can provide limited term ombudsman services for clients requiring neutral, confidential dispute resolution services or we can develop a complete ombudsman service with support from the design stage to the implementation stage. Our team has proven experience in reducing conflict and successful resolution of difficult cases in a variety of government and private workplaces.

  • Arbitration

We provide a national arbitration service with individual and panel arbitration services. For businesses and governments requiring streamlined dispute resolution processes in employment, intellectual property and technology cases, we can provide a rational alternative to litigation that is legally binding and cost effective for all parties.