Customized Training Programs

BooksWe offer a wide variety of exciting, interesting, and highly interactive customized training programs.  Our training programs are always highly customized to the needs of our client organizations and are all designed to the highest standards in adult continuing education.  Examples of our programs include:

  • Basic and advanced mediation
  • Workplace conflict response for leaders and managers
  • Sexual harassment awareness and prevention
  • Investigating workplace misconduct
  • Basic and advanced negotiation skills
  • Fundamentals for effective rapport and communication skills
  • Advanced skills in communication, facilitation, and rapport-building for teams
  • Organizational Ombudsman skills training
  • Advanced Skills for Ombudsmen and professionals in conflict resolution

Please contact us for additional information about our training programs and how we can design an exciting and interactive program for your organization!

Program and System Review

Team expertise

  • Our team has the exceptional and diverse experience necessary to conduct comprehensive, credible system and program reviews.  Our team includes experts who have designed and launched programs from the ground up.
  • We have experience in finance, law, quality, system administration, management, performance assurance, technology transfer, and information technology.
  • We have successfully conducted programs reviews for a diverse range of clients, including high-tech, defense-related organizations; higher education departments and systems, R&D organizations, and smaller, specialized organizations.

Overview of Approach

Our fundamental, driving philosophy is that any review conducted is only valuable if it addresses every aspect of the organization’s concern and answers the key questions necessary to enable the organization’s management to make advised decisions that work within the culture and values of the particular organization.  A program review is not a one-size-fits-all activity!

To ensure that our product absolutely meets the needs of the requesting organization, we have developed our own library of unique tools to enable a thorough, but customized review:

    • Our reviews always include a customized agreement that serves as the basis for our review.
    • Based on our years’ experience in performing the review function, we can now draw from our huge library of possible system and process questions, to develop customized “lines of inquiry.”
    • LOI SampleWe are experts in reviewing current system documentation and identifying gaps and opportunities in enhancing current systems, processes and accompanying documentation.
    • Our reviews are premised on recognizing that it is absolutely imperative that the review can only be credible if those conducting the review gain deep knowledge of the organization. To this end, our reviews invariably involve extensive one-on-one interviews in addition to review of the more tangible program components, such as systems and documentation.
  • Finally, close engagement with management to review and explain our findings is fundamental to our approach.  We are not satisfied with simply producing another document that will gather dust on a manager’s desk.  Our goal is to engage the managers and teams involved and to help them engage in solutions.  We recognize and appreciate that our suggested approaches may not be the only way to address the identified concern and we commit ourselves to the successful implementation of the solutions that the organization finds to be the best fit.